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Chase Hasty started performing magic shows at age 10. Upon graduating high school in Holdrege Nebraska, he got accepted in the Chavez College of Magic in Los Angeles. Now performing professionally for nearly a decade, Chase is a full time entertainer in high demand. He has taken his show all over the United States performing in places such as Washington D.C, Los Angeles, and even the bright lights of Las Vegas. Chase has won many awards for his show and received first at the T.A.O.M. national magic contest in Dallas Texas. Recently, Chase produced a video series that was published on his social media pages that have now gotten over 60 million views. Taking the classics of magic and putting a modern spin on his theatre production, he has created an event that will entertain an audience of all ages. Whether you’re 4 or 104, you’ll leave the show feeling fully entertained.




1st TAOM Stage Contest (Dallas, TX)

Stars of Tomorrow Finalist (Washington D.C.)

Magic in the Rockies Finalist (Fort Collins, CO)

Chavez College of Magic Gradute (Los Angeles)

Stagecraft 101 Graduate (Las Vegas)

Magic Mafia Internship (Lincoln, NE)

Magic Mafia


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