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Welcome to the enchanting world of Kaileigh and Chase Hasty, a captivating husband-and-wife magic duo whose journey into the realm of magic and performance has woven a spellbinding tapestry of wonder and excitement.

Kaileigh, a native of Kennewick, Washington, began her artistic journey at the age of four when she took her first dance class. Her passion for movement and expression led her to perform with the Mid-Columbia Ballet before attending the University of Las Vegas, where she received a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Dance Performance and Choreography. After graduating with honors she toured the world performing in various ballet companies, as well as large scale production shows.

Chase, hailing from Holdrege, Nebraska, discovered his calling on a magical Christmas morning at the age of five when he unwrapped his first magic kit given to him by his mother. His dedication to the art of magic led him to the prestigious Chavez College of Magic and Prestidigitation in Los Angeles, an institution with a legacy dating back to 1941 and attended by numerous notable magicians. Chase emerged ready to leave audiences around the world spellbound.

Their paths converged on the enchanting island of Guam, where both Kaileigh and Chase were scouted to perform in the same theatre show. Fate brought them together, and their shared love for not only each other but also performance ignited a spark that would create the beginning of a unique and unparalleled experience.

In their mesmerizing show, Kaileigh and Chase seamlessly blend magic, dance, and aerial acrobatics, captivating audiences from every corner of the globe. The dynamic duo are evolving the idea of traditional rabbits, top hats, and wands to bring a fresh perspective that resonates with contemporary audiences. What sets them apart is the infusion of modern 21st-century elements with classic magic, creating their distinctive "Hasty Touch."

As Las Vegas Illusionists, they have graced stages in over 25 different countries, entertaining Fortune 500 companies and headlining prestigious venues from the dazzling lights of Las Vegas to the opulence of Dubai. The Magic Castle in Hollywood has embraced elements of their act, and they've become sought-after performers on many cruise lines.

Watch closely, for Kaileigh and Chase Hasty are the next generation in magic and variety, capturing the attention of the entertainment industry. With their innovative approach and boundless creativity, this power couple is writing a new chapter for the legacy of magic, leaving audiences eagerly anticipating their next performance.


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