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"Dammmmmn! That's some crazy stuff man! What just happened?!"

-Macklemore (American Rapper)

"Chase is the Tom Cruise of Magic"

-Bob Little (Wild Man Wild)

"That was so much fun! Thanks."

-Sharon Osborne (Television Host)

"Chase Hasty is a star in the making whose likability, talent, and cosmoplitan flair will take him far in the industry."

-Dale Salwak (Director/Chavez Studio of Magic)

"Chase is the next superstar of magic."

-Fielding West (Las Vegas Headliner)

"Anything Can Happen...And Will"

-Luis Villamonte (President of  The Magic Mafia)

"Wow, he looks like a professional."

-Johnny Thompson (Magician/Actor/Consultant)

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